Friday 29 September 2023

Ahhhhh….. He Found Me!

After 50 years my Best Man at our wedding reconnected with us in Perth.


We had a significant amount of catching up to do in one day.  Bill has had an interesting and varied life.  Always interested in flying, he currently owns two aircraft and retains the same passion for flight.

I'm not sure when we will physically next meet, but the internet will enable us to stay in contact.

Meanwhile, I've continued with the trailer kitchen light project.  I wanted to complete the project using whatever I already had at hand.  A little like the engineers of Apollo 13 or Macgyver from the TV series of the same name.

I've previously mentioned the left over length of aluminium 'T Track'.   Searching around in the garage I found partial remains of a metal shield from an old switchboard.


I also found a length of steel rectangular tube. 


I could make two mounting plates from the switchboard case and by cutting 90mm off the end of the tube and then removing one side I could form a piece of 'C Section'


I cut out the mounting plates using the angle grinder leaving a lip on two sides of each plate to increase its rigidity. I don't want the plates to flex under load.  The 'C Section was then bolted to one of the plates.

The plates were then secured to the rooftop tent mounting channels


The length of 'T Track with the light at one end swivels 180deg when in use and is held across the back of the trailer when not required.


Not fully extended as the trailer is too close to the fence.

The light power cable was secured using cable ties.


Next I drilled two holes in the end of the trailer for the light power cable and a switch.


I used Sikaflex to seal the power cable conduit to the trailer.

Rumbling through the drawers and jars in the workshop I found a 12V push switch with an led backing.


It was then a case of wiring it all up into the trailer electrical system



Well the led is correctly wired

The 12V pond light is multi-coloured.  I've set it on orange in the hope this won't attract the bugs.  If orange doesn't work I will change the colour to red.


There should be sufficient light over the stove to cook at night



nb Bonjour said...

Hi Tom,
We passed Waiouru the other day, still looking good and still with the people who bought it from you!
best wishes to you both,

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Debby,
We still miss the life but have the satisfaction of following your posts and being reminded of our own experiences.
Happy cruising

Jenny said...

How wonderful to reconnect with your old mate/best man after all those years. Was one day long enough to catch up on all the news?

Tom and Jan said...

Jenny we're both males. It took 30 minutes :-)