Wednesday 17 April 2024

It's Completed

You may recall last November I wrote about converting our old Maglite torch to rechargeable lithium batteries with a LED bulb <here>.   The battery was ordered from Aliexpress and we waited for it to be delivered.  And waited….. AND WAITED!   After the 70 mandatory days without delivery Jan claimed a refund and I ordered a replacement bulb from a different Aliexpress seller. 

This time the bulb arrived within 10 days.


Project finished!

This left me with the laborious job of polishing out the scratch on the camera lens.   I changed my method.  Instead of using the battery Dremel I used a larger polishing bit in the bench press.  This new pad had a greater surface area and using the bench drill press provided more control.

After an hour the last of the scratches on the lens had almost been removed.


Just the one tiny mark left.

Jan's mode of cooking has changed.  The gas is out and electricity is back.  Most of the cooking is now done in the pantry and Jan became concerned about heat from her cooking appliances adversely affecting the plasterboard wall lining.  Could a small glass splashback be fitted to the wall in the area where she cooks?  She probably remembered I had fitted glass splashbacks on Waiouru's galley tumblehome.

Why do one small area?  Let's cover the entire lower wall!  Rather than use glass we've opted for a polymer product which I should be able to cut to shape with a suitable blade in my circular saw.    

Did I mention Jan has also asked if I can install skirting boards in the house? 

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