Thursday, 12 December 2019

Great stuff

This Sikaflex adhesive is great stuff.  I first used it on Waiouru securing the galley glass splashbacks to the tumblehome.  Yesterday I used it again for a couple of very small repairs.  The antenna port in the TPMS printed circuit board had parted.  It’s too awkward to solder or weld so I’ve held the two parts together with Sikaflex.


There will be no strain on the connector once the antenna wire is screwed on.

My £3 stainless steel watch strap from China broke at the join between the flexible strap and the watch anchor point.  I smeared some Sikaflex into the end of the flexible stainless steel strap and more on the anchor plate before joining the two pieces and leaving the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.  It appears to have worked!


The small stainless steel latch above the watch is one of six I ordered from China for the camper shower box.  I hadn’t realised they were going to be so small, however I think they will work if I can find screws small enough.

Here in Perth we have had the hottest start to summer since records have been kept.  The temperature is back up to 40C and likely to stay that way until the middle of next week.   The heat woke me at 5.30am; Jan had already been woken by the temperature.  We were probably sensible having the two additional air conditioners fitted in winter as all three are currently being used.  Fortunately we also have the solar panels which means no increase in the electrical bill.

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Jenny said...

Its hard for us to imagine what it must be like living in such high temperatures every day. Have to feel sorry for the poor postman delivering all that Christmas mail in the heat. And the road workers, in fact anyone else who has to work outside.