Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Another Year

On this morning last year we woke at dawn to discover someone had kindly left us a battered old two seat sofa chair on the front lawn.  This year we didn’t have to wait until daybreak!  At 1am one of the West Australian police helicopters arrived from the northwest and proceeded to do numerous circuits overhead.  The noise reached the point where I thought the aircraft was going to land on our roof.


We are at the tip of the red arrow

I’m not sure who the helicopter was searching for, but Jan informs me the local community Facebook page reports two people of interest were taken into custody.  Technology on the helicopter must have changed over the last decade.  Previously the aircraft had a powerful searchlight which would sweep over the area.  Now there is no visible light and I therefore assume the aircraft is fitted with a range of night vision equipment.  I have just completed a quick search of the West Australian Police Air wing website and read their helicopters are equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red systems <link here>.  It looks like technology originally developed for the military.

No readers….. they weren’t after two wrinkly old retirees. Smile   But I could have done with the beauty sleep…

Happy New Year

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Jenny said...

Happy New Year to you both Tom and Jan. May 2020 be a great year for you both, with plenty of outback adventures for you Tom