Monday, 6 April 2020

No Worries

Apparently the Prime Minister agrees with me

SBS News Reports

Scott Morrison 'bewildered and frustrated' 16,000 Australians defied coronavirus travel advice

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he's frustrated with the 16,000 Australians who decided to travel abroad despite strong advice not to, saying they were unlikely to "find themselves high on the list" to return to the country.

Current events do not worry me as they are very similar to my time as a young soldier

· Never any toilet paper

· Lots of tinned food

· Being told what to do all the time

· Ordered into groups or defined size of groups

· Watching others panic

· Constant instructions which are always changing

· Information which is out of date by the time you receive it

· Being told what to do in your free time

· Standing in long queues to get food

· Carrying a mask all the time

· Weekend plans all buggered up

· Favourite bars and pubs off limits

· Living under a permanent curfew

· Constant travel restrictions

· Hurry up and wait


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